DIY Cleaning Spray for Spring

Since it’s spring, and it’s time to for a heavier clean, level up the basic cleaner recipe with additional scent and energy power. 

In Italy, there is a tradition to clean, especially the top corners of a room, with lemon water, to clean out bad energy. I also imagine Italian homemakers running their broom along the ceiling to clear out any cobwebs. 

Energy clearing room spray/ fabreeze/ hand sanitizer

This recipe works for so many things.

  1. Select and add your “flavorings”
  2. fill bottle 70% full with 70% rubbing alcohol, 20% witch hazel, and 10% purified water. 
  3. Enjoy!


Citrus version; Use a veggie peeler on lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. Put the peels in your spray bottle. 

Pinesol version: Lemon peels, like the citrus version, plus pine needles. 

Grapefruit: Grapefruit peels. I like the clean smell of just grapefruit

Cedar/juniper: Take some branches of cedar and or juniper an put in your spray bottle.

Essential oils: add a few drops as desired. Most essential oils are antimicrobial and antibacterial. 

Spray bottle – do not go to a drug store. 

Dollar stores have the best plastic spray bottles. They have some cute ones in the beauty section, and some bigger, industrial looking ones in the cleaning section. 

You can start using the spray immediately, but the smell will increase until the material has lost its color. Once the color has left, the citrus or tree parts have given everything they have. 

When you put things in your spray bottle to infuse, keep them medium sizes: so the pieces are big enough to not plug the straw for the spray, but not too big that you can’t pull the pieces out of the bottle once they need replacement.

Because I make and use my own sprays, I have quite a few of each. Generally one in each room or vehicle.

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